Utah Brides Official Vendors

Planning a wedding has never been easier, because not just anyone can be a Utah Brides™  Official Vendor. We verify and qualify each one, so you can rest assured that by choosing one of our vendors you are in good hands.


Utah Brides Official Florists

Bouquets, centerpieces, decorations, flowers are bound to be all throughout your wedding day. Click here for our Utah Brides Official Florists


Utah Brides Official Videographers

Documenting your special day in video is borderline priceless, how better can you remember all the details. Click here for our Utah Brides' Official Videographers


Utah Brides Official Beauticians


Using a hair and makeup artist takes the stress away on wedding day so can focus on your love. Click here for Utah Brides' Official Beauticians.


Utah Brides Official Wedding Planning


Getting the best deals is important in planning your dream wedding. Click here for Utah Brides' Official Wedding Planners


Utah Brides Wedding Essentials


The perfect wedding day is in the details, and you'll find those details here. Click here for Utah Brides' Official Wedding Essentials.

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