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hi! my name is rachel and there are few things in life I love more than PRESSED FLOWERS - laughing louder than i should, eating the fries at the bottom of the bag, taking really long naps, listening to taylor swift all day long, and quoting 'new girl'.

My obsession and love for pressing flowers grew from the process of preserving them; they change and become ‘imperfect’ but their imperfection is what makes them unique, unpredictable and beautiful. Not surprisingly, the same can be said for all the women in my life and what a better way to tell them that, than through preserving flowers.

I wanted a way to immortalize the moments in life that are oh so unique and beautiful, can be slightly unpredictable,  but still perfect in their imperfection. Friends, weddings, mothers, high school dances, apologies, holidays, new love, you name it, there’s a flower for it. If the flowers are going to die anyway, why not kill them in style?


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