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The road through Snow Canyon is about 5 miles long, and has many places to park and hike. One of the most scenic State Parks in Utah. This beautiful backdrop of the mountains can't easily be beat. 

Hours6am - 10pm  

Entrance Fee: From $2-$10 depending on size of vehicle.

Public/Private: Public

Snow Canyon

Entrada at Snow Canyon

Come see the set of High School Musical 3. Like the canyon, the views still include the redrock mountains, but allows for the greenest of greens as well. Also a great place for receptions and weddings


Monday:  8am - 5pm 

Tuesday and Sunday: 7am - 5pm

Wednesday - Saturday: 7am - 9pm

Entrance Fee: None, unless using the golf course

Public/Private: Private, but open to the public

Other: Space is available for rental, and includes villas to extend your stay.